Brothel in Malaga open 24 hours every day of the week

Estimated visitor, if this is your first visit to our brothel, we recommend you to read carefully the following text where we explain in detail how to find and access our facilities, in addition to the procedure from your arrival to your departure. Our establishment is located at Avenida de Velázquez 24, 29003 Málaga also called Carretera de Cadiz, in the El Torcal district.

Our brothel is open 24 hours every day of the week and no appointment is needed to visit us

How you are attended during your visit to our sexclub

Our black facade is specifically designed to give the appearance of a modern commercial office and there is no specific sign about our business. Our black front door is always kept unlocked and all you need to do is pull it open and enter our waiting hall, where you will see a button to call the receptionist, who will let you in immediately.

We have designed the entrance to our brothel this way in order to guarantee your maximum discretion, by ensuring that at no time are you in view of people in the street. Once you have buzzed the entry phone, our receptionist will let you into our establishment where you will be warmly welcomed. If you have made an appointment with one of the escorts previously by telephone, then you should mention this at this time to the receptionist, and she will take you directly to one of our suites so that you can be attended to exclusively by the escort in question. If not, our receptionist will proceed to take you to a private room where you will be left alone to enjoy the presentation of the escorts that are available at that time. Once the presentation is over, the receptionist will ask you if you like any of the escorts and if so, will accompany you to one of the suites and inform the escort in question of your choice.

When the escort arrives at your suite, you will need to decide on the time you wish to stay in our establishment and deal with the financial remuneration for the agreed services. Once the agreed time is over, the escort will contact reception to advise them of your departure. This way we ensure that you do not bump into other clients leaving our establishment.
Finally, our receptionist will be waiting for you at the door to say goodbye with a “…see you soon.”

We take your privacy very serious, from the entrance of our brothel to the procedure during your visit everything is planned towards providing you absolute discretion and to assure that you will not encounter other clients during your visit.
Therefore we do not have a bar where clients can mingle, have a drink and a talk. Nor can we provide bachelor parties or other services alike. We do offer our clients a complete bar but has to be consumed in the suits provided. Do not hesitate and be sure to pay us a visit during your stay in Malaga, it is not for nothing they call us the best brothel in Malaga.

29003 MALAGA

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